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Commercial Flower Cotton Candy Floss Making Maker Machine

Min. Order / Reference FOB Price
1 Set $100.00 - $300.00
Port: Qingdao Port/ Shanghai Port
Supply Ability: 200 Set/Sets per Month
Payments: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram payments.
Type: Candy Processing Machinery
Dimension: 355*400*360mm
Weight: 15KG
Place of Origin: Henan, China
Certification: CE/ISO9001
Applicable Industries: Hotels, Food & Beverage Factory, Restaurant, Home Use

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Basic Info.

The machine is simple in structure, easy to operate, small in size, and free of pollution. It is heated by canned liquefied gas (liquid gas spray fire is easy to use, clean and hygienic, and has no odor. It is not troublesome to operate like a kerosene blowtorch. It is full of oil and unhygienic. ) Relying on the electric rotating flywheel to drive the speed change device of the machine to quickly rotate, producing cotton candy of various flavors and colors. One kilogram of sugar can produce more than 80 groups, the market retail is 1-2 yuan. According to the characteristics of the machine, it is the most suitable for mobile operation, and the mobile operation performance is particularly good. The operation is simple, the use is convenient, the investment is small, and the profit is high.

The cotton candy machine is heated by liquefied gas to melt the sugar in the rotating disk into a liquid. At the same time, the DC 12V or AC 220V is used to drive the rotating disk of the cotton candy machine at high speed. The melted sugar falls out in the form of cotton wool under the action of centrifugal force On the stick, it becomes white cotton candy. This machine can be placed on a bicycle and powered by a 12V battery. It is very mobile, easy to use, and easy to operate. In places where the position is relatively fixed, you can use a 220V AC power supply. In places where it is not fixed, use a battery to drive it and charge it once a day. The operation panel is equipped with indicator lights and is designed with a motor speed control knob, which can easily adjust the rotation speed of the motor to make the cotton candy more uniform, more fluffy, and larger in volume. Built-in 12V13A battery charger, the battery can be fixed inside the device. When the machine is plugged into 220V AC, it will automatically charge the battery. When the AC is not connected, the battery will automatically discharge without manual intervention.

This machine adopts stainless steel basin, steel plate, angle steel frame reinforcement, gearbox three-stage speed change, the machine has stable performance, extremely high speed, fine wire output, high output, one kilogram of sugar can produce 200 groups, and large wire drawing, wire drawing shock absorption, Very stable, shock-absorbing structure, sugar can be placed at will, which improves the problem that sugar must be placed in the middle of the sugar dispenser. Reasonable design structure, easy to use, is the last word. It can produce more than 200 marshmallows per hour, making it an ideal tool for making money in front of schools, parks, and supermarkets.

Commercial Flower Cotton Candy Floss Making Maker Machine

Commercial Flower Cotton Candy Floss Making Maker Machine

Cotton candy machine product introduction

1. Take sugar as the main raw material and add auxiliary ingredients.
2. The car has passed the EU CE certification, and the quality is sure to ensure that it can easily and conveniently move colorful cotton candy.
3. It can produce cotton candy with various flavors and colors.
4. The products produced by electric cotton candy locomotives are no longer a single white, but red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple and other colors, cotton candy of various flavors, such as apple, strawberry, peach, watermelon, lychee, mango, etc., both environmentally friendly, healthy, and delicious

Working method: heating method: gas heating, 220V electric or battery head rotation

Specifications: 50X42X23CM cotton candy machine basin outer diameter 52 cm high 20 cm, high-speed strong brushed flywheel rotor system produces 150-200 marshmallows per pound of sugar, this series of machines with the automatic recharging system, mobile use without the need to purchase a separate charger.

Commercial Flower Cotton Candy Floss Making Maker Machine

Excellent advanced features of the machine

1. Cartoon appearance of full-color spray panel
2. Electronic pulse ignition and thermal energy control knob
3. Stepless speed regulation function
4. Digital control of speed retention memory function, the next second boot can reach the accurate common speed and speed used in the previous pre-stored
5. The fully automatic recharging system eliminates the need to purchase a battery charger
6. The left side of the machine displays the voltage flow meter, and the right side shows the battery charge and usage display
7. All gas pipeline systems use copper pipe systems! The quality of the whole machine is rock solid

This machine can be used with 220V lighting or a 12V battery. It can be used to make any colored fruit-flavored marshmallow for more than 20 hours and extra-long brushed marshmallow. It can be placed on a bicycle or tricycle, on the ground or on the counter The operation is convenient for mobile operations. A cotton candy costs 5 cents and sells 1-3 yuan each. Each pound of white sugar and about 150-200 sticks per hour!

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