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Automatic Candy Tablet Press Pill Machine

Min. Order / Reference FOB Price
1 Set $500.00 - $1,000.00
Port: Qingdao/Shanghai Port
Supply Ability: 20 Set/Sets per Month
Payments: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram payments.
Type: Punching Machine
Dimension: 580*450*625mm
Weight: 70kg
Place of Origin: Henan, China
Certification: CE/ISO9001
Applicable Industries: Food & Beverage Factory

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Basic Info.

Automatic candy tablet press pill machine is a continuous pressing electric machine, also can use by hand. Only 1 set punch and die can be installed into the candy machine, and the punch and die can be changed. It can press various shape/stamp/logo of candy and the depth of filling and the thickness of the tablet can be adjusted. This machine can press kinds of granulate material into the round and other shapes of tablets, and it is suitable for laboratory and small scale production.

This machine can press kinds of granulate material into a round and other shapes of tablets, and it is suitable for laboratory and small scale production.

Main Features of Automatic Candy Tablet Press Pill Machine

Fully automatic centralized lubrication system, special oil-proof, dust-proof, and noise-proof system. Use high-definition, isolated window design. The tablet press room has a 360-degree fully open structure without dead angles, which is clean, easy to operate, and maintain. The unique three-cylinder isolation and four-post frame structure ensure that the machine is stable and durable. The heat treatment process of the punching plate is extremely long in synchronization with international life.

The pre-pressure wheel and the main pressure wheel have the same size and are interchangeable, which is helpful for the material to remove air and extend the compression time. The pressure roller adopts steel support, which makes the tablet obtain the best forming effect of ZUI. The thickness of the Baocheng tablet is effective. The upper and lower guide rails and the die disassembly space are large, which is convenient for maintenance. The motor and encoder are used to adjust the position of the main and pre-pressure wheels, and the accuracy is relatively high.

The electric control cabinet is independent of the main unit, the electric control area is separated from the production area, and the safety and sanitation coefficients are greatly improved. It is automatically controlled by a 10-inch touch screen and is operated without a handwheel. Production information can be displayed, stored, retrieved, and changed. Different levels of user password protection can be set.

automatic candy tablet press pill machine price

Fully automatic servo motor control, adjust the dose guide rail, control the filling depth, and ensure high precision of film difference. Three-blade paddle filling system, the upper impeller increases the powder fluidity and balances the powder density. The following two impellers are used for filling and dosage to ensure the uniformity of filling.

The forced feeding device controls the flow and filling of the medicine powder to ensure feeding accuracy. The feeder is easy to disassemble, the platform is easy to adjust, and the tableting room has no dead angle structure, which is easy to observe and clean.

The imported hydraulic pump station supports the main pressure, pre-pressure, stable tablet pressure, low noise, equipped with overload protection device, when the tablet is overloaded, it can automatically stop, the structure is easy to disassemble, and the maintainability is good.

Parameters of Automatic Candy Tablet Press Pill Machine

Technical parameters:
Die quantity 1 pair
Max press pressure 15 KN
Max tablet diameter 12mm
Max filling depth 11mm
Max tablet thickness 6mm
Max capacity 6000pcs/h
Power 350W 220V 50HZ
Dimension 580*450*625mm
weight 70kg

One machine can make different shapes of tablets by changing different shapes of die mold as shown above picture.

Scope of application

This machine is mainly used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, electronics and other industrial sectors, suitable for small batch production, laboratories, hospitals, and other departments to press pharmaceutical tablets, catalysts, sugar tablets, calcium tablets, coffee tablets, powder metallurgy, electronic components, and various Agricultural fertilizer tablets, etc. It can suppress all kinds of special shapes and can press tablets with trademarks, characters, and simple graphics engraved on both sides.

Machine features

1. Compress all kinds of granular raw materials into round tablets and tablets of various geometric shapes with trademarks, characters, and simple graphics engraved on both sides.
2. The new model, increased turbine transmission, no power transmission belt, very low noise, can be pressed by hand when there is no electricity.
3. Install a pair of punching dies, and you can suppress products of different shapes and sizes by replacing different dies.
4. The filling depth of the material and the thickness of the tablet can be adjusted so that the weight of the tablet can be controlled.
5. Low noise, lightweight, convenient operation, and convenient movement.

Installation and wiring

1. The tablet press is installed on a solid wooden workbench (it can also be installed on a cement table) and fixed with three M12 anchor screws. The body size from the work surface to the ground is about 600 mm (in terms of hand-cranking, easy operation). In order to facilitate disassembly and repair, there should be a hole with a diameter of about 35 mm on the wooden work table corresponding to the position of the lower core rod.

2. Before connecting the motor source, connect the motor to the ground wire to ensure safety.
Then remove the V-belt, turn on the motor power, and turn on the motor to observe whether the motor rotation direction is correct (the rotation direction of the motor shaft should be the same as the direction of the arrow on the large pulley wheel). The belt is installed.

Die installation

1. Install the lower punch: Loosen the lower punch fixing screw, turn the large pulley to raise the lower punch rod to the position, and insert the lower punch into the hole of the lower punch rod (note that the notch slope of the lower punch rod is aligned with the lower punch to fasten Screws, and have to be inserted all the way) Finally, tighten the lower punch fixing screw.

2. Install the upper punch: Loosen the upper punch fastening nut, insert the upper punch into the hole of the upper punch rod, insert it to the end, and tighten the upper punch fastening nut.

3. Install the middle mold: Loosen the middle mold fixing screw, put the middle mold flat into the hole of the middle mold table, and at the same time make the lower punch into the hole of the middle mold, press it to the end and then tighten the middle mold fixing screw. When placing the middle mold, care must be taken to level the middle mold to avoid jamming when skewed and damage the hole wall.

4. Turn the large pulley by hand to make the upper punch slowly descend into the middle mold hole and observe whether there is collision or friction. If collision or friction occurs, loosen the fixing screws (two) of the middle mold table and adjust the middle mold Fix the position of the platen so that the upper punch enters the middle die hole, and then tighten the fixing screw of the middle die platen, so adjust until the upper punch enters the middle die without collision or friction.

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